Our Company

What We Do

Zenith Capital is real estate investment group specializing in providing capital for seniors housing developments. We focus exclusively on capitalizing the financing needs of our operator and developer partners so they may deliver beautiful communities to seniors. Our team is humbled that our careful stewardship of capital and assets helps to improve the lives of seniors, their families, and the communities in which they live.

As of 2016, our specialized finance team has placed over $1.7 billion in financing across various industries, including over $500 million in seniors housing communities.

Core Values

Deliver exceptional service every time

Be passionate and determined in building value

Create win-win partnerships

Create remarkable communities that respect the needs of seniors

Act with integrity and take responsibility

David A. Bovée

A Note from the Principal

I founded Zenith Capital because I wanted to put my passion for banking and finance to use in ways that serve a greater good.

The Seniors Housing industry is unique in that it combines real estate, healthcare, and high finance in ways that serve an important – and growing – need in the United States, and around the world. Honestly, when I started, I did not completely grasp the extent of the growing need for quality Seniors Housing, fueled by prevailing demographic global trends.

Since 2003, we’ve made Seniors Housing our exclusive focus to become the leading source of alternative capital in the industry. Our expertise and process of identifying and managing EB-5 projects, as well as our partnerships with investors globally, means that we can help our partners do more deals, at a lower cost, and with less risk.

As I write this, I’m honored to work with my colleagues at Zenith Capital, as well as our many partners and investors around the world. I must admit I am extremely proud of all that we’ve accomplished to date, and I’ve never been more optimistic about what’s possible in the future.

It’s indeed an exciting time to be creating opportunities in this industry, and I would like to thank you personally for your interest in Zenith Capital.

David Bovee


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